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What is a Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange can be very scary place on first hearing,but if you take away all the confusing facts and digits,it’s actually very very simple.When you bet on the betting exchange you’re not actually betting against a bookmaker.You are betting against another person,and they could be anywhere in the world.This means as you’re betting against someone else if you lose your bet,your money will be going to them and not a greedy book like that.Betting exchange also provides you with the opportunity to lay a selection which means you can bet on something to lose.So for a bet to be matched it needs a backer and the lay up.Some kind of virtual handshake needs to be made between two online.This means as you’re betting against another person this gives you the ability to choose you own odds.


Imagine we have one person who wants to place a bet 4.04 for the Spain to win the World Cup and he needs someone to agree to the terms of the bet or to lay the bet for the bet to be matched.Then imagine we have second person who thinks that the Spain will not win the World Cup and he thinks the odds first person is offering 4.0 is very acceptable.So first person was his 10 pound on and second person takes the bet and the virtual handshake that we spoke of is complete.Obviously second person have to make out 30 pounds if Spain works going to win the World Cup-small commission taken by the betting exchange.So the money is in the virtual pot as the result is if Spain eventually won the World Cup first person wins 40 pound whilst second person is left 30 pound down.

List of the  bitcoin betting exchanges

Welcome bonus up to 7 BTCUSA and Canadian players accepted Register with 1xBit and receive a bonus package to the maximum amount of 7 BTC!

BetBTC – BetBTC is a first licensed online sports betting exchange that specialize in bitcoin betting.BetBTC doesn’t have betting limits.BetBTC The Dedicated Bitcoin Sports Betting Exchange.Back & Lay Betting Betfair Alternative.Minimum Stake on the Sports Exchange was lowered to just BTC0.000001.
Bitcoin faucet is a webpage that gives out users a very small amount of Bitcoins every few minutes. This way you can get your first Bitcoins without needing to buy them.

Some benefits of BetBTC Bitcoin Sports Exchange Platform:

Fast and clean platform with simple-to-use interface.
BetBTC Trading Allowed
Fast Deposits (you can bet with 3 confirmations!)
Fast Withdraws (Funds 100% in Cold Storage + Audit Procedures to Withdraw Funds(e.g. Not allowing insiders’ schemes))
User vs. User Betting
Exchange System – You choose your own odds, if you are not comfortable with what market is giving you, you make your own choice!
Low Commissions – Only winnings are charged
Bet Minimums of 0.001 BTC
Bet Maximums: No Limit!
Live Betting Available – Markets are managed in Live, this allow you to bet in live games
Hundreds of Events per day.
Auto Event Creation / Settlement.
Robust Back-end/ Audits that assure Platform Integrity.

BetBTC 100% Deposit Bonus matches your First Deposit up to 1. When you deposit for the first time the bonus will be associated to your account. You earn loyalty points by placing bets on the sports exchange that could be redeemed to Bitcoins and credited on your account afterwards, via this page.

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