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Best Bitcoin Slots 2020

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Slots History

Charles Fey will always be remembered as the father of the modern day slot machine. In 1895, Fey invented the first slot machine. He modified his model further in 1907 when he joined the Mills Novelty Company, and the Mills Liberty Bell, as his slot machine came to be called, was the model upon which modern day slot machines were based.

The Liberty Bell originally included a real bell that chimed when a lucky combination was scored. The three reels featured playing cards and the machine sported classical iron feet complete with toes. Today’s slot machines featuring multi reels, advanced technological processes and state of the art electronics all base themselves on the original Liberty Bell model, and most slots today still feature some type of bell or chime to announce when a lucky jackpot has been reached.

The model to follow on from the Liberty Bell was the Operator Bell, manufactured by the Mills Novelty Company in 1910. This model sported the new features of fruit symbols on the reels and a coin funnel. In 1915 slot machines made of wood began to be made with further modifications introduced. Slot machine models were continually advancing and being improved upon up until the 1930s. One such modification was the introduction of a soundless bell, earning the model its name of the Silent Bell. The feature of the double jackpot was also introduced during this time.

In the 1930s the Mills Novelty Company made classic themed slot machines that are today highly sought after by slot machine fans and collectors everywhere. The War Eagle, the Roman Head and the Lion Head were just some of the themed slot machines that found instant appeal among slots fans for their unique and classical designs.

Today, despite technology’s advances, the slot machine remains true to the idea behind Charles Fey’s original model. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why slot machines have retained a special place in casinos and in the hearts of slots fans through the decades.

Slots Rules

Today’s slots come in two varieties: progressive slots or straight slots. The only major difference between the models is the way the payout is calculated and awarded. Straight slots payouts are a set amount, whereas progressive payouts are influenced every time a player puts a coin into the machine. Each new coin is calculated to increase the potential payout.

As the jackpots available in progressive slots have the potential to be substantially more than those offered by straight slots, progressive slots are fast becoming the most popular of the two models.

Apart from the basic distinctions between straight and progressive slots, a player has many options when it comes to choosing a slot machine to play on. Slots differ in the number of reels they have, the number of coins they use and the nature of these coins, and the number of pay lines they offer.

The most common machines are of the three-reeled variety, although many casinos now offer players slot machines featuring four and five reels. Slots with three reels are obviously easier to win at than slots with four or five reels because of the higher number of symbols featured in the four and five reel varieties. Payouts also differ depending on what model of slot machine a player chooses to play at. Most slot machines pay out between 83 and 98 percent of coins that are used in the machine. The computer program responsible for the operation of the slot machine must ensure that the jackpot does not occur too often so that the casino can still generate a healthy profit from each machine.

The number of pay lines also effect how frequently a slot machine will pay out. For machines with multiple pay lines, the player must insert one coin per line to be in with a chance of winning. Most standard slots machines however only possess one pay line.

The way in which payouts are awarded by slot machines depends on the model of the slot machine, the payout policy specific to each casino and the size and nature of the jackpot itself. Many machines will simply spit coins out at a delighted player. But for larger jackpots, casino employees are notified of a win by a flashing light on the slot machine and will pay the player out his winnings.

No matter which model a player chooses to play or how new he is to the game of slots, playing a slot machine is incredibly simple. All a player has to do to initiate a game is to place a bet by inserting a coin inside the slot machine. Many different coins are accepted in slot machines and the number of coins a player enters determines the value of his bet. The player then presses a button on the machine or pulls a lever (depending on the model of slot machine) and the game begins. The symbols on the slot machine wheels must stop at certain combinations in order to constitute a win. Different payouts and odds correspond to these combinations. For example, three cherries may mean a payout of 3:1 while three gold bars may award a payout of 10:1.

The odds on progressive jackpots obviously range from casino to casino and depend on the type of machine a player is playing at, but there is no doubt that the potential jackpot available on progressive machines can be huge. Because the jackpot is calculated on the coins placed inside the machine, it is customary to have to make the maximum bet in order to win the entire jackpot. Some jackpots available on progressive slots can reach the million dollar mark and beyond! After the jackpot has been won, the machine starts to build the jackpot up again based on the coins inserted by new players.

Slots Strategy

Some slots fans claim that their slot machine strategy is a proven method of winning. Other slots fans claim that winning on slots is based on pure luck. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth. While it is true that being successful at slots very much depends on chance, there are certain systems of play one can adopt in order to increase those slender chances of winning the jackpot.

The most popular version of slots today is progressive slots. Here is where using a simple strategy pays off. When you play progressive slots, it is important to remember one golden rule – the more coins you put in, the more you increase your chances of receiving a payout.

Unlike standard or regular slots that pay out a pre-determined amount of cash when a player wins a jackpot, progressive slots have fluctuating jackpots. For every coin a player puts in, the jackpot is increased and with it the size and the potential frequency of the payouts. So if you are playing at a progressive slot machine, you know that the coins you’re betting could just tip the jackpot in your favor.

Most progressive machines work on the premise that a player must bet the maximum amount of coins to be in to win the jackpot. For example, if you play two coins you may be eligible for a jackpot of $2000, but if you play three coins you could win $4000. If you don’t want to give away all your dollar coins at once, it’s easy enough to still bet the maximum number of coins at slot machines that work with lower denominations.

Although payouts vary from casino to casino it is worthwhile to play at casinos that advertise the highest payout percentages. Even if you’re not a lucky winner on your first go, you know that the casino is serious about attracting and retaining your business by offering high percentages on slots payouts. Online casinos are renowned for offering slots fans favourable odds, so it could be useful to practice your slots game online before heading down to your local casino.

Slots Tips

Since they first became popular in Las Vegas casinos, slot machines have consistently remained one of the casino’s best sources of revenue. Their appeal lies in their simplicity. Anyone can play slots and have fun doing so.

There are two varieties of slot machines today: the older standard slots where a payout is predetermined, and progressive slots where the payout depends on the players. The jackpot in a progressive slots machine accumulates based on the number of coins the machine is fed.

A number of points to remember when playing slots:

When playing progressive slots, it is customary to bet the maximum number of coins for a chance to win the jackpot.

When selecting a slot machine to play at, make sure you choose those offering the most favourable advantages e.g., payouts of 95 to 99%.

When you have doubled your budget on one slot machine, know when to walk away to protect your winnings.

Remember the Higher Wager rule. Many casinos will award you a higher payout for the placement of a higher bet.

Try machines that accept both high and low denominations of coins so you can make the maximum bet each time.

How to Play Slots to Get the Best Chances of Winning

Slot machine paybacks can be controlled by the casino that paybacks can very wildly and that higher denominations usually have higher paybacks.When choosing a slot machine the denomination is going to play the biggest role in the percentage to get.So start your choice with that how much are you comfortable playing,if you don’t feel comfortable playing a dollar or spin or if five dollars of spin makes your stomach turn,then you shouldn’t play those games even if they have slightly better odds above all gambling should be fun since you’re never going to get rich doing it.In any case once you found the denomination you want to play you still have several choices as to the type of game.

We’re going to talk a bit about Hit frequency which is diffrent than payback.Payback is how much money the machine pays back over time and Hit frequency is how often the machine hits a winning combination.They’re related but they aren’t the same.
The simplest game type and what used to be the most common is a standard Multiplier.Multipliers are simple because the only thing that changes when you bet more credits is how you get paid back.Should you win games like Double Diamond and five times pat or multipliers.If you bet one credit and get bars for example you’ll win 10 dollars,if you bet two credits you’ll win 20 dollars,if you bet three credits you’ll win 30 dollars.The more you bet the more you win simple.Betting more doesn’t increase your hit frequency on these games so it’s fine to bet less than max.If you’re just starting out these are probably the best ways to get your.

Next we have multi-line games.Multi-line games are currently the most popular slot machines in the casino and almost all video games except for poker are multi-line games.You’ll know a multi-line game because you can bet on multiple lines.A standard multiplier only allows you to bet on the center line but multi-line games allow you to bet on center line plus the top and bottom lines plus diagonal lines plus just about any line in between and some games.The key to multi-line game is to always bet all the lines.You don’t need to bet the max number of credits on the lines but make sure you bet at least one credit on all the lines.The reason is that the machine doesn’t adjust the way it spins based on how many lines you bet so betting less than all the lines means that the combination comes up on a line you haven’t bet you won’t hit it.So you’re a hit frequency goes down since your hir frequency goes down your chances of hitting go down,so your payback percentage also goes down.This is bad so always bet all the lines by betting them all even if you don’t bet max you’re still getting the best percentage you possibly can.

Buy a pay games don’t increase the amount you win the more you bet but instead they increase the number of combinations that will pay if they hit.

Now we’re going to make a little note here about progressive machines.Progressive games are the games that have a top award that goes up the more the game is played.Progressives usually have odds and percentages that are comparable to regular reel slots, unless the progressive amount is ridiculously high,such as MegaBucks or other very large multi-casino progressives. Make sure to always bet max on progressives.If you dont bet max, then find another game,because betting less than max on a progressive is a complete waste.If you win the top award and dont bet max, you wont win the progressive.

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