Bitcoin Gambling

Over 50% Bitcoin of Bitcoin transactions are gambling related that’s because of attributes qualities and characteristics make it perfect for gambling and because there’s so much friction and difficulty in the current Fiat system.

Some of the advantages for customers
-Free and instant sing-up,deposits and withdraws of any amount 24/7
-Better payouts due to operator cost savings
-Provably fair gambling

You’ll get free and instant sing-up,deposits and withdrawals of any amount,24-7 better pay out due to operator cost savings and will detail some of those savings in a moment,anonymity which can provide privacy from those around you such as spouse or parents can provide a legal protection as some gambling is illegal in some places and can provide tax protection as some gambling winnings are taxable in some places.You can also partake in provably fair gambling and will give details about that in a moment,but just to emphasize how meaningful these advantages are we have to compare it to the current situation gambling with fiat operators and this is a case in regulated gambling friendly markets such as Australia and the United Kingdom.

Compared to What? (in regulated gambling friendly markets)
-15 minutes for sing-up and first deposit if you use a credit card
-Send in front and back of cc and government ID and a utility bill,wait for verification
-2 business days for withdrawal
-Now the operator can charge your cc,sell your information or have it stolen at any time
-Now the operator can push market you marketing you don’t want
-Add a business day to deposit and withdrawal of you don’t want to use a cc
-Taxman,banker,spouse,police et cetera can access records

Compared to What? (in USA)
-Fee to the operator for depositing less than 1000 dollars
-Limited deposit options such as Western Union
-One free withdrawal via cashiers check per month,50 dollars for every additional withdrawal
-Deposit and withdraw times up to 2 weeks!

You’re going to have at least 15 minutes for sing-up and your first deposits.If you use a credit card you have to then send in the front and back of your credit card the front and back of a government ID and a utility bill and wait for the operator to verify you before you can withdraw.After which you withdraw take around two business days and you’ve put yourself in a situation where the operator can charge your credit card sell your information or have it stolen at any time in the future and they can also push market you.

They have your E-mail address,your telephone number,your home address.They can send you marketing materials that you might not want.If you didn’t want to use it,your credit card you would have to and at least one business day for deposits and withdrawals and there are some records that the taxman,your banker,your spouse,the police and so on can look up and get access to and if you are a consenting adult in the United States of America it’s much worse.You’re going to have a fee to the operator for depositing less than a thousand dollars limited deposit options things like Western Union transfers.You only get one free withdraw a month,you’ll have to pay 50 dollars for any additional withdrawals and the withdrawal will come by cashier’s check and the timeframe for deposits and withdrawals could be up to two weeks.

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