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Best BitCoin Poker Sites 2022

Online Poker is faster, more intense and promises greater rewards and winnings than offline poker. Playing poker online, you will be competing against numerous beginners playing with different levels of skill .Bitcoin poker sites have become more and more popular bringing all the benefits of bitcoin,fast transactions, control over funds, low fees,to traditional online poker.We have compiled a list of the best online poker sites that accept Bitcoins.Play Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Limit,5 Card Stud and other Poker games against opponents all over the world.

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Play bitcoins online poker

Of all the numerous games and entertainment activities currently available on the Internet, online poker is undoubtedly one of the most popular. This card game has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, and it seems that it will never go out of style. Is there any need to say that this timeless game can set its own world trends?

The online poker industry is so massive that for many the game has become a philosophy of life and a raison d’etre. It should not even be surprising to you that we decided to allocate a whole section on our website and dedicate it fully to online poker, or to be more precise, all the articles here will be about online poker for bitcoins.

Find the best poker bitcoin sites for 2022 at

It should be immediately clear that our main goal will be to create an instructive and educational guide so that you have the ability to quickly access information about the best sites with Bitcoin poker without spending a lot of effort. Thousands of online poker providers and game portals are already available on the Internet on a huge number of virtual poker rooms, but it will be quite difficult for most beginners to figure it all out and find a suitable offer that fully satisfies all the requirements. Based on your gaming skills, you need to take into account many parameters, including the variety of choice of tables, tournaments and freerolls, the availability of bonuses and promotions (you don’t mind getting something for free, right?), Loyalty program, payment systems and so on.

Play poker online 

We believe that you came here for a good reason – looking for a reliable guide to find the best option to play Bitcoin poker. We will be very happy to become just such a guide for you. Every month we will present you the updated reviews of the most reliable Bitcoin poker rooms where you can play Bitcoin or in some exceptions for other cryptocurrencies, as well as notify about their latest and most profitable bonuses and promotions. We consider it our duty to convince you that playing Bitcoin poker is a great opportunity to get the most out of your funds, and in addition to a completely anonymous game and without third-party access to information about your transfers and cashouts, to the most profitable deals and offers from BTC poker rooms. Unlike players who prefer traditional poker rooms with real currencies (euros, dollars, pounds, and so on), you will enjoy instant money transfers, minimal fees, low rake and many other benefits.

Ability to play free Bitcoin poker

Suppose that you already have a certain amount of BTC on your digital wallet, but very few online gaming experience in poker. In this case, you will most likely want to try to play poker at more favorable terms at the beginning, without unnecessary risks of losing your gaming bankroll, which, for obvious reasons, is absolutely encouraged by us. Being a complete newbie, you will realize how offensive it is to lose most, or even all, of your bitcoin bankroll in the first hours of the game after registering a game account and playing with stronger and more experienced players than you.

That is why, many specialized web sites in the first place will offer you to try your hand playing free bitcoin poker. You will not need to put real, live bitcoins to play at cash tables or in tournaments where you will play the same as you beginners and hone your poker skills. And later, when you gain experience and confidence to challenge more experienced players, you can practice at tournaments with free entry (freerolls), but at the same time you will win real prize money and, perhaps, winning BTC from such tournaments will serve as the initial foundation for building your bankroll. As you already understood, registration on freerolls is completely free and a relatively large number of players will participate in them, and the prizes will be quite small, so, most likely, at some point you will want to play more serious poker.

In this case, we advise you to pay attention to tournaments with buy-ins, where during registration you pay a small entry fee and participate in tournaments with a lot of bitcoins and with a smaller number of players. In principle, such tournaments with minimal registration fees can also be categorized as “free bitcoin poker”, because often more bitcoins are played out than they were collected during registration (among players this phenomenon is called overlay). As you understand, you can only play freerolls and not spend absolutely nothing, but then you practically will not have the opportunity to solidly replenish your bitcoin wallet even if you win the freeroll, so if you can and have confidence in your skills, we advise you yna and then you will feel all the charm and advantages of online poker on bitcoins.

Bitcoin poker bonuses – want to get them too?

Of course you want, in fact, this is one of the main criterion of players when choosing a suitable poker room. If you wish, you can get bonuses as much as you want. There is a huge variety of bonuses of all kinds offered on Bitcoin poker sites, both on large and less well-known. In a nutshell, Bitcoin poker bonuses are very similar to those offered by online casinos and other gambling portals. You also have the opportunity to receive no deposit bonuses (where bonuses are credited without the need to deposit funds into the game balance, but there are certain conditions that must be fulfilled for the further withdrawal of bonus money and BTC winnings resulting from the game for bonus funds) a deposit (also known as welcome bonuses or bonuses for new players), which are intended to increase the amount of your starting deposit, reload bonuses (which are given for subsequent, repeated deposits) and several ko other types of bonuses offered by leading Bitcoin poker sites.

If you wish, you can get tickets and buy-ins to special Bitcoin poker tournaments, register for live poker events (events), participate in races and championships, and get a large number of required items as part of bonuses or promotions available on bitcoin poker sites. And you are really lucky that you have come to our portal, because thanks to the results of all our efforts you will have no need to visit thousands of other Bitcoin poker and casino sites in a desperate search for the best and most profitable promo and bonuses. It is here that you can find all the most carefully selected information by our editors and the most useful information for you.

The most profitable poker rooms for playing Bitcoin poker

Why waste your gifts on trifles? We are sure that you were born for more. This is exactly the reason why we adhere to the policy and will not notify you of any minor news and promotions from poker rooms with a dubious reputation. Instead, we prefer to carefully analyze all the available promotions and publish information only the information that will allow you to play poker online on Bitcoin with the greatest benefit and advantage. Believe me, our solid experience in the field of gambling allows us to find only those Bitcoin poker sites that are really worth your attention and trust. As they say, time is money, and we do not want you to lose your valuable time searching and playing poker sites that you don’t fit or just don’t like.

Instead, you can fully trust and with our help play bitcoin poker on the world’s leading online poker BTC portals and multi-platforms. What is usually offered on top of rich bonus offers is truly a great gaming atmosphere with a spiced casino luxury and a feeling of a friendly community of players, where absolutely everyone is welcome. Bitcoin poker will certainly leave a good impression in your perception of gambling and you will definitely want to play one of the best card games in the world again and again. With us, your dream of experiencing the saturation, brilliance and genuine thrill of playing online poker will eventually come true. We wish you endless luck and a good time at the poker tables!


Beginners Guide: Suggestions, tips and strategies to improve your online poker.
New to online poker? Note that there are quite some advantages to playing online. Your poker mistakes are seen by no one but you. You can play online poker at home and you can even play for free. I have compiled a few suggestions that will help you adjust easily to online poker.

1. If you have a poor hand, fold as fast as you can. You will reduce your losses and lengthen the time you will be able to play.

2. Because you are new to the game, bet only small amounts of money. Do this and you will pay out only small amounts of cash for your mistakes.

3. Observe your opponents. Try and figure out who the weak poker players are and who the strong poker players are. Likewise, try and catch them when they bluff.

4. Dealt a strong hand? Believe you are going to win? Raise as much as is allowed and make your poker opponents pay for not folding.

5. Remember that you still have to pay your bills, hence play only with money you can afford to lose.

6. Take your time in deciding your bet and don’t try and rush just because the others are doing so.

7. And finally, note that the point of poker is to beat your opponents’ hands, so go easy on the betting. Your next hand might be much better and it would be a shame to throw away money that you can use with stronger hands.

Try and loose as little money as possible when you losing at poker, and win a lot of money when you do win at poker. This will guarantee you leave with a profit at this thrilling and exciting game. Enjoy!

As one of the most popular online casino games,poker is also one of the toughest to master.It is nearly impossible to become a poker expert on your first try unless you have a lot of luck on you side.To many poker novices,it seems like a very difficult game to master.This is because poker is about strategizing and ensuring that your strategy is far better than that of your opponents.Regardless of the type of poker game you are playing,you need to have a strategy if you are going to master the game.

Going from a novice to a master

In regards to poker playing,regardless of the game,you need to master your strategy in order to master the game.Assuming you know all the rules of the poker game you intend to play,begin by assessing what you need to do to win.Once you have the end goal in mind,you can then devise a plan to get you to where you want to be.Your plan is your strategy.It is very likely that when you play Bitcoin poker you will need to go through at least a few strategies before you can get to the one that is best for you.It is also very likely that in a Bitcoin poker games you will need to alter your strategy slightly to fit into the Bitcoin poker game you are currently playing.That said,it is still important to have a clear strategy that defines you as a player.Once you are able to get a clear idea of what kind of player you are,you can begin to play the game like a professional.You will then be able to make decisions such as what poker game to play,what poker room to join and which poker table to play at.

Learn from your opponents

Poker is also all about being able to read people well.Most poker players are masters at hiding their emotions.However,you can still be able to tell which one of your opponents will be hardest to beat.This is not a skill is acquired very easily,you have to learn other players “tells” and keep practicing until such a time when you are able to do this even with a stranger.In online Bitcoin casinos,this is obviously not easy to do as you cannot see your opponent.You can however be able to tell a lot based on the decisions they make.

A hesitant decision carries a lot of weight so does a player who is fast to make decisions
Watch out for these tell-tale signs and you will gradually become a very good poker player.The truth is that poker is not that hard.It’s just a game that requires practice and focus therefore above else make sure that you’re in the right frame of mind every time you play poker.You don’t want to be losing money,a good poker player wins more than he loses.

Poker is one of the major and most popular casino games maybe because other card games haven’t been shown in all the various Wild West movies or they haven’t been glorified on screen. Or maybe simply because they are a lot more fun to play.

Poker is played using a regular and standard pack of 52 cards. These cards are ranked (from high to low) Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. Note that no suit is higher than another.

Usually poker hands are composed out of five cards and the highest hand wins. But some enjoy playing cards that involve variants of between two to nine cards. Some poker games have “Wild Cards”, which can take on whatever suit and rank their possessor desires.

According either a joker or another card can be used a wild card. Games sometimes change the rules according to the wild cards used.

Poker Rankings of your hand are determined according to the following (from high to low):

Five of a Kind (only if you are using wild cards) – the highest possible hand. If more than one hand has five of a kind, the higher card wins (Five Aces beats five kings, which beat five queens, and so on).
Royal Flush – the highest natural hand. A straight flush with an Ace as the high card.
Straight Flush – the best natural hand. This is a straight all of the same suit.
Four of a Kind – four cards of the same rank. If there are two or more hands that qualify, the hand with the higher-rank four of a kind wins this poker round.
Full House – three of a kind and a pair. The stronger three of a kind breaks a tie.
Flush – all cards are of the same suit. When flushes ties, the poker winner is decided according to the highest card. Game situations such as these are rare but it’s better to know the rule than to get hoodwinked if and when this happens.
Straight – 5 cards in order. You can use the ace as high or low (above the king or below the two). But you cannot wrap a straight around – two, ace, king, queen and jack.
Three of a Kind – three cards of the same rank. Like in other instances – if there’s a tie (because of a wild card) the winner of this poker round is decided according to the highest card.
Two Pair – two distinct pairs of cards. The highest pair wins ties. If both hands have the same high pair, the second pair wins. If both hands have the same pairs, the high card wins.
Pair – two cards of the same rank. The highest card breaks ties.
High Card – This is any hand which doesn’t qualify as any one of the above hands. If nobody has a pair or better, then the highest card wins. If multiple people tie for the highest card, they look at the second highest, then the third highest card. Poker games as these force players to break ties when the high hands both have the same type of hand (pair, flush, straight, etc).
Betting at Poker

At poker, you must place a minimum amount in the pot to get a card. This is called an ante. After doing that, players bet into the pot in the middle. At the end of the hand, the highest hand with the strongest sequence among the poker cards wins the pot. When gambling at poker you can call, bet or fold.

Call – you match what the last bet
Raise – at first you match the last bet and then add to that amount.
Fold – you decide that you want to drop out of this game and you leave. Any money you have already bet is lost.

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