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Getting a account shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds. All that needs to be done is to fill out a short online account creation form that only asks for an email address, password, and bitcoin address. Yes, you need to have your bitcoin address ready before signing up for an account.

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If you don’t have a bitcoin wallet address yet, you can’t just put in a fake address because the system detects it. However, you can use a temporary real bitcoin wallet address and just edit it later on to reflect your real bitcoin wallet.

Btcclicks – Earn free Bitcoins for clicking Ads.
BTCclicks is one of the best bitcoin paying paid to click site in the world. BTCclicks was started on 2013 and runs till date without any problem. Unlike regular PTC sites which pay real dollar for viewing ads, BTC clicks pay bitcoin for viewing ads. It is very tough to manage bitcoin-paying PTC sites as the rate of bitcoin is dynamic. So, it’s a great achievement that btcclicks pays without any problem on time along with few other legitimate bitcoin-paying PTC sites. This is the full review of BTCclicks, continue to read to learn more about BTC clicks.

How to work on BTC clicks:

Working on BTCclicks is very simple as we do on other PTC sites. The primary way to earn money on BTCclicks is by viewing advertiser’s web page.
To start, you must go to the ads page where the ads will be displayed as shown below. A lot of ads will be available with stay time and pay for visiting the page mentioned on the side. The pay will vary for each ad which is directly influenced total time spent on the page.
The member must click on a link to begin viewing the ad. When clicked, the ad will load in a new page. The ad must be watched until timer ends.

BTCclicks timer

When the timer ends, a captcha will load as shown below. The member must solve the captcha in order to prove that he is a human user and not using any bots to automate the process.

BTCclicks captcha

After solving the captcha, the system will instantly credit the indicated amount to the account.

BTCclicks ad credit
Continue to view all the ads listed to earn more bitcoins on BTC clicks. The ad rate will vary every day based on the fluctuation of Bitcoin price.

BTCclicks payment terms:

BTCclicks is known very well to pay on time. There are two terms on BTC clicks to withdraw money.
The minimum payout is just 0.1000 mBTC where the member has to wait for 24 hours in order to receive the payment with 1.5% fees.
Members who feel that 1.5% fee is unnecessary can withdraw their money after the minimum account balance reaches 10 mBTC. Bitcoin will be sent to the wallet instantly with no fees deduction. Banner